Clothing Manufacturers in Max Blue Vietnam

As an apparel continuous learning and developing among the top FOB service provider company in Asia

All garments are sewn by highly-skilled production sewers capable of all garment categories.

We pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for you. We offer production on a small-scale also factory level production, with low minimums of 500 pieces per style, and larger volumes for scalability.

Maxblue factory

Apparel Production Contracts

Max Blue offers production costing to those clients it developed, as well as those developed with outside sources.

A physical sample and pattern are required for all production costing.

All prices are agreed to prior to any work starting, and do not change once contracted, unless there is a design change by the client.

The report provides costing : at different volume levels, Any necessary pattern adjustments

* Payment terms inclue a fees depostit for pre-production service.

  Once the contract is signed, these fee will be deducted from the contract’s payment.

Production Prices

  •  Studio Level Production

    50 – 100 pieces per style

  • Factory Level Production

    From 500 pieces per style

Apparel Development Service Prices

  • Fabric & Trims Sourcing

  • Sample Development

  • TechPack Development

  • Pattern Development

  • Size Chart Grading


These steps ensure you and your clients that every produced has absolutely no defect and reasonable price.

Project Management

The Max Blue production manager serve as your coordinator and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, as well as ensure the specified quality and schedule is met.

All production projects are managed by our Project Managers with QC checks completed regularly during and upon completion of production.

Partnering with the best sewing factories in Vietnam, Max Blue is able to offer a broad range of production services in most categories, with competitive costing, scalability with varying quantities and expert production management.

All factories partnered with Max Blue have gone through extensive vetting, and are in full compliance of VN labor laws, Max Blue’s Quality Standards, and several large retailer’s private certification processes.

This process allows us to clearly define your need and to bring the most optimized Fashion pieces and garments production process possible.

We utilize the latest in equipment and technologies in effort to the highest quality. In order for all products to be guaranteed high quality and on time delivery.


Max Blue has worked with many successful clients over the years, establishing ourselves as one of the top clothing manufacturers in Vietnam.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information or with any questions.


  • Project Management

  • Cut & Sewing

  • Trimming & Finishing

  • Label & Packaging

  • Worldwide Shipment

  • Moqs from 500 pieces