( Frequently Asked Questions )

1. General Questions

1.1 How Long Does The Process Take From Design To Delivery ?

From design to delivery, the whole process usually takes about 3 months.

Sample lead-time: 2 weeks from the payment of the product development charges and when all the details are confirmed, tech packs are approved, and the purchase of notions / labels / tags / packaging are made unless otherwise stated.

Development lead time from initial proto until approved sample 4-12 weeks

Mass production lead-time: 4-8 weeks from the date we received the approved tech packs, payment of deposit, purchase order, notions / labels / tags / packaging in order unless otherwise stated.


Frame work


1.2 What Are Your Minimum Order Quantities ?

Our minimum order quantities for custom orders starts from 500 pieces per order.

You can order a maximum of 5 designs within the 500 pieces, limited to 1 color per design.

You can choose up to 4 sizes within the 100 pieces.

For custom hardware, fabrics, trims, notions, dyeing, printing, embroidery, different MOQs may apply. Please kindly enquire for more details.


1.3 Your reliable partner can produce quality products

The fully developed MAX BLUE apparel process system provides a one-stop solution:

A wide range of manufacturing services to our customers  from: designing, creating tech packs, sourcing for fabrics and trims, create samples, bulk apparel production, packaging, quality control assessments to arranging delivery of the products.

Max Blue Vietnam, we have a net work of partner with over 100 fabric mill & accessories supplier

We are ensure & presentative to control all fabric quality, acessories in all process

Manufacturing process based on the Standard Project Management procedures.

We always learning, developing & upgrading standards continuously, allowing us to control deadline management and quality control standards.


1.4 How Do I Select My Fabrics ?

Once you sent us your design details with your fabric reference for each design, our sourcing team will take 3-5 days to source for suitable fabric options and send the physical copies to you*.

*Kindly note that 5-7 days of sourcing does not include shipping


1.5 What Fabrics Do You Have ?

We have a library full of fabrics from cotton, polyester, rayon, viscose, denim, georgette, lace and many others.

As part of the services for custom order, we have a net work of partner with over 100 fabric mill & accessories supplier.


1.6 Garment Accessories / Packaging Services

At MaxBlue Viet Nam, we offer the possibility to have your own customised hardware, tapes, labels, tags, garment accessories and packaging to create a fully branded product.

2. Payments

We accept payment via cash, local bank transfer*, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & American Express) and Paypal*.

* Local Bank Transfer – Applicable only for customers based in Vietnam
* PayPal – For payment by Paypal, there will be an additional 4% surcharge for Paypal fees


3. Shipping & Returns


 3.1 Pre Production Samples

+  We require all approved samples to be sent back to our factory to ensure that the production will follow the approved samples exactly and to prevent any miscommunication.

+ 50% of the garment samples charges can be rebated towards the bulk order costs once the bulk order is placed.

+ Sample charges can only be rebated in full if more than 500 pieces is ordered for the design.

+ There is no refund for print, dye, embroidery unless more than 800 pieces / 800 meters of the sampled design in the sampled color is ordered.

  • *Rebates for sample charges will be credited to the invoice for the production balance.


3.2 Shipping

Every order is made to order. We package your order with great care before shipping your items. Since each piece is custom made, please expect your piece to ship within 4-8 weeks from order confirmation.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email/message with your tracking number.

We provide both air and sea freight services via our various shipping partners.

Custom taxes and duties might be charged on shipments going to your destination*.


3.3 Export Clearance

All shipments handled by MaxBlue will have their export permits and custom documentation done and these charges are included in the shipping charges.


3.4 Insurance

For shipping, we do not buy insurance by default.

Please kindly arrange for purchase of insurance based on your cargo invoice value to insure your goods against such force majeure occurrences.


4. Print, Heat Transfer & Embroidery


We work with a network of different suppliers offering a large selection of printing, heat transfer and embroidery techniques.


4.1 Can I Provide My Own Garments For Printing ?

No, we do not offer printing as a stand-alone service and can only print on our garments.


Dye Print

We use Dye Sublimation printing as the default printing method for printing on polyester fabrics.


Heat Transfer Print

As heat transfer uses plastisol inks, there will be a thin layer than can be felt by hand.

Suitable for sportswear fabrics, photographic print and prints that has more than 4 colours



We offer machine embroidery using polyester threads.

Can be embroidered on both natural and synthetic fabrics

NOT recommended for lightweight fabrics


Print Digital
Print Digital

Digital Print

We use Digital Printing as the default printing method of printing directly onto the fabric.

Can be printed on both natural and synthetic fabrics

Suitable for All-Over print

Screen Print

Screen Print use screens as stencils for applying layers of inks onto the print surface.

Can be printed on both natural and synthetic fabrics


water print
water print

Water-Based Ink Screen Print

Water-Based Inks Screen Printing Can be printed on both natural and synthetic light-coloured fabrics.

Screen Printing is our default screen printing method for printing on light coloured fabrics.

Plastisol-Based Ink Screen Print

Plastisol-Based Inks Screen Printing Can be printed on both natural and synthetic dark-coloured fabrics

Screen Printing is our default screen printing method for printing on dark coloured fabrics.


Metallic Ink Screen Print

Metallic Inks are used to provide a metallic appearance on the garment.


Foil print

Metallic Foil Screen Print

Metallic Foil Screen Printing is similar to metallic inks but with a shiny appearance.

Can be printed on cotton or other natural fabrics ONLY

NOT suitable for printing fine details or halftone images

rubberize print

Rubberize Screen Print  

silicon ptimized

Silicon Screen Print