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Best Price Guarantee

It was complicated for an US, EU or other fashion brand to work with a clothing manufacturer in Asia that provides a professional service.

For Max Blue efficient and standard procedures apply in order to optimize the production and to make sure that our clients will get exactly what they paid for.

1. One-stop Solution

Save your time, money and effort from dealing with multiple suppliers.

IN EVERY STEP OF THE WAY FROM: designing, creating tech packs, sourcing for fabrics and trims, create samples, bulk apparel production, packaging, quality control assessments TO SHIPPING YOUR PRODUCTS SAFELY TO YOU.

2. Fair Terms

Businesses that deal with consumers need to make sure their contract terms are fair.

The terms of your contract should be clear enough that you should not need legal advice to understand them.

 It is important that you take your time to read the contract carefully.

Ask to be allowed to read it before you visit the home. Don’t let yourself be rushed.

If you don’t understand any of the words or what a term means, then ask.

Contracts help protect you – they build your relationship with your customer so they trust you to do business with them fairly.

3. Best Quality

We Guarantee our quality control Process

The maxblue’s quality control process includes many stringent quality checks for high end clothing lines.

– A factory in Asia that you can trust

Fabric control from the textile factory

We work very closely with several different fabric manufacturer in , Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and in China. Those manufacturers are very reliable.

We also work with fabric mills that are GOTS certified & OEKO-TEX 100 certified which have been tested to be safe for human’s use and using organic manufacturing practices.

For more info about GOTS organic fabric certification, please check this link: GOTS

For more information about OEKO-TEX certification, please check this link: OEKO-TEX

Furthermore, the delivery time is usually less than two weeks and we also can provide very competitive prices because of the overall quantity that we source from them.

This is why we always advise to use our material for the production of your clothing line.

Control after production

Many fashion brands ask us to directly ship their fashion production to their client and we are responsible for the quality of the garments.

Therefore, this is very detailed quality check to ensure that you will receive the products with the perfect quality.

This service is mainly used for high end quality garments.

Last quality control during packaging

During the packaging, we do a final quality check in order to make sure that the garments are perfect.

We then pack the garment depending on your specifications.

4. On-time Delivery

Production Schedule

Delivery date guarantee or your clothing production

When a client decides to produce his clothing line with us, we have to deliver on time.

 As a fashion brand or concept store owner or as a future bride, respect of the production timing is an absolute necessity.

This is why, maxblue apparel, as a proper professional clothing production partner, gives a contractual guarantee on the delivery date.

Trust is the most important part of any business relation.

How long is the production process period in our workshop?

These totally depend on the sourcing of fabrics, the amount of clothes that you order and the technical requirements of the garments.

Please feel free to contact us for further details, timing and quotation.

5. Professional
& Logistics

The Clothing & Textiles Manufacturers usually on what call a FOB basis.

When we do work with clients, we do need to make sure that every shipment arrives perfectly to any country.

IT teams take responsibility of the package until is delivered to the shipping company.

We do provide all the necessary documents to optimize custom clearance and to avoid any possible problems.

6. Sustainability
& Responsibility

Clothing industry and Human Rights

As we know, most of the factories in India, Bangladesh and some in China and Vietnam exploits their seamstresses work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with no or very few holidays.

Furthermore, the factory can be pretty dirty, noisy and the working conditions of the employees of the textile industry can be terrible.

        At Max Blue Vietnam, we care very much about the people we work with. We are committed to ethical fair trade practices to prevent exploitation of workers or natural resources in the manufacturing of clothing.

We need to work with highly qualified and experienced people and we believe that the best way to be efficient and productive is to work in great conditions.

First of all, the seamstress works eight hours a day and six days out of seven.

Our factories do not have forced labor practices, which means that no one is forced to work overtime against their wishes and if they do work overtime, there is an extra overtime pay allowance.

The Vietnam factory working conditions are amazing good for the seamstress that loves to work here.

You will simply be able to ask them when you come visit our plant to produce your own fashion brand in Asia.

Garment factory with environmental responsibility,

US & EU Compliance

The MaxBlue clothes manufacturer Vietnam does take very good care of its waste.

Nowadays, thanks to great evolution in term of technologies and process, human are able to produce an amazing amount of goods of any kind.

This guarantees are included in our contractual agreement.

As a Vietnam clothing manufacturing partner, it also means that we need to our clients to trust us in every step of our clothing production in Vietnam.

As we do work with established international brands we need to make sure that the shipment of our clothes and accessories fits the customs standards and laws of every country worldwide.

We are very careful about the material and textile that we are working with all of them we produce are made with textile that fulfill the compliance laws of EU and US.

Your Apparel Production Partner

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